Our Philosophy


Communication is the key to a good doctor-patient relationship. Dr. Solomon and his staff pride themselves in providing safe, superior patient care, with compassion, and above all effective communication to their patients. Dr. Solomon believes that a knowledgeable, well-informed patient will ultimately be a satisfied patient and they will take the time and effort to insure that you are appropriately educated about your surgery. Dr. Solomon strives to provide accurate, precise information at each step along the operative process so that his patient's expectations are realistically met. He accomplishes this with an experienced staff, many of whom have been with him for over ten years. His staff is well qualified to answer questions and they will take the time to talk with you on the phone even prior to your first consultation. Dr. Solomon's office consultations are comprehensive and focused on your individual needs. He provides the opportunity for you to ask pertinent questions and view hundreds of pre and postoperative photos both in his office and on this website in order to help in the education process. With EMMI, a new interactive software program, specifically designed for our cosmetic surgery practice, Dr. Solomon's patients have the opportunity to review their upcoming surgery step-by-step and ask their questions online. Those questions are then e-mailed to the office and answered at the pre-operative visit prior to surgery. Each patient is required to see Dr. Solomon at least two times before surgery in order to assure that you have had time to absorb all of the information you need to make an informed decision regarding your cosmetic surgery. Dr. Solomon has over twenty years of experience in his field and each of his patients benefit from his vast experience.

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